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Our Data Processing specialists can combine prospect and client data from many sources, systems and formats to build an accurate mailing list. Whether you provide the lists or we assist you in acquiring a list, all data is converted to a common format, coded for sources, merged and purged of duplicates, and prepared for output. All final output lists are then qualified for the lowest postal rates by CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certifying your list. USPS certified, as well as proprietary data processing software is used for all list hygiene and postal automation processing services.

Steadily climbing postage rates are a significant challenge for marketers today. Let DML eliminate duplicates and improve the deliverability of your list to result in a more profitable mailing.


DML accepts data in a variety of media including electronic transfers (E-mail & FTP), CD-ROM, zip disks, magnetic tapes, diskettes, peel & stick labels, cheshire labels, and hard copy.

File Formats

Click here to view a PDF file of acceptable file formats.

Media / Format Conversions

We have state-of-the-art software that will convert virtually any type of file to a format we can work with.

Data Entry

We can take your business cards and/or response cards from previous mailings, and other names and addresses you have collected and create a clean database to be used for future mailings.

List Management

We can maintain your mailing list at DML. Send us your updates daily, weekly, or monthly and we will keep your list up-to-date. Use this list for mailings or we'll e-mail you a copy of your list any time you like. All data is kept in the strictest of confidence.


We can merge two or more files. Our software can identify duplicate records and purge the duplicates from the database. We can make one list a higher priority over another list to specify which list the duplicates are removed from. We can also purge a suppression list; purge out a list of people you don't want to mail. Our highly technical matchcode processing can detect more than just exact matches, we can detect duplicates with slight variances, such as misspelled names.  You specify how you want the duplicates suppressed; one per household, one per person.


We qualify your lists for the lowest postal rates by making sure the address records are within the standards of the United States Postal Service. DML uses CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified software approved by the USPS. The CASS certification process certifies the accuracy of your address information and repairs recognizable addresses that are incorrect according to USPS standards. This process also appends ZIP+4, barcodes, carrier routes, and necesary USPS endorsements. The standardization process reduces the volume of returned mail, improves deliverability, speeds delivery time, and is required by the USPS to obtain the lowest possible postage discounts.


The final stage in preparing a mailing list is the presorting process. Your list is run through a presort program that arranges all the addresses in a sequence according to USPS regulations. This process also produces the documentation required by the USPS to obtain the postal discounts and ensure efficient processing. The better the sort, the greater the postage discount.

NCOA Processing

National Change of Address (NCOA) processing allows for better delivery of your mail. This process is recommended for your in-house mailing lists to update people that have moved, allowing for better delivery of your mail. The NCOA database consists of address information for individuals, families, and businesses that have moved within the past 36 months. These names and addresses are compiled from Change of Address orders presented to the postal service when a permanent move occurs. Your list is matched against the NCOA database and new addresses from the NCOA are replaced on your database. NCOA processing is only required when mailing at First Class Presorted rates.

Label Printing

We can print Peel and Stick labels, Cheshire labels, laser labels, piggy back labels.

Data Manipulation

Split or combine name information
Split or combine address information
Gender Coding - append a gender code based on the first name information
Case conversion - convert your list to upper or upper/lower case

Key Coding

Append a code to each list before merging, then print that code above the address information on the mail pice. This will help you track which list respondents came from.

Telephone Append

We can append telephone numbers to your in-house database. Give us your list of names and addresses, we can append the telephone number to each record to assist you in telemarketing or follow-up calls after mailing.

Demographic Append

Maximize your in-house database by adding demographic criteria. Give us your list of names and addresses and we can append household demographic information such as age, income, gender, dwelling size, children present, marital status, number of household members, homeowner vs renter, length of residence, etc. Appending demographics to your in-house list will help in analyzing your customer database and target marketing of future prospects.

Personalized Letters

Our laser capabilities include custom sizes up to 11 X 17, sheet fed and continuous form. We can combine your text and data and the processing through our high quality laser printers for the ultimate in customized personalization. We can personalize your letters with name and address as well as variable data for each recipient, such as a persons name in the body of the letter, an account number, customer ID number, etc. We have the capability to add digitized signatures to your letter as well. Have the need for additional inserts to be personalized or envelopes to be personalized along with your letter? ...We can do all that too! We have superior quality control over Matched mailings with personalized letter, personalized envelope and personalized insert.


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