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Affluence Model

For precision targeting of the Affluent Household

What Is The Affluence Model?

The Affluence Model was built by combing exact consumer finance information, including data on assets, liabilities, real estate values, financial holdings, business equity, attitudes/consumption and occupational characteristics with household level demographic information (see categories at left)

What The Affluence Model Can Do For You

  • The Affluence model allows you to precisely identify the truly affluent American consumer. For example, you can reach individuals who have large stock holdings and are able to live comfortably on interest, with little or no earned income; or
    seniors with high valued real estate and financial assets, who have ceased to receive a regular paycheck; or people with large amounts of business equity, land and other valuable assets, with little earned income.
  • The Affluence model allows you to develop marketing programs that are tailored to the different segments of affluent America.
  • The Affluence Model allows you to enhance your database file by appending it with all 20 net worth ranges.

A Proven Predictor of Wealth

The accuracy of the Affluence Model has been validated by working closely with financial services, marketers, retailers, catalogers and fundraisers


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